Art Studio - After School
Blacksmithing, Woodworking, Ceramics, Photography

Seasonal sessions in art and crafts with expert mentors.

Join Trackers award-winning after school art program. Get hands-on experience and cultivate creativity through fine arts and crafts. Under he guidance of Trackers studio teachers, kids and teens can learn ceramics, woodworking, photography, blacksmithing, and more! All materials are included.

Hands-On Skills

Kids and teens make new friends and find creativity through hands-on artisan crafts. They scuplt in ceramics, carve in woodworking, tell stories in photography, and bend metal with blacksmithing.

Award Winning

Voted Best After School Classes with Portland families through PDX Parent magazine. Trackers also won Best General Camp and Best Outdoor Camp with local parent magazines.

Expert Artisans

The program is led by expert Teachers from our year-round staff. They are experienced educators and expectional artists. Our Teachers are compensated with wages and benefits exceeding the field.

How it Works

Self-Transported You can choose your day and transport directly to the program. Older students can check-in and check-out independently.

Trackers Transported If you attend a school we pick up from, you can ADD-ON a day of Art Studio to your weekly Transported After School schedule. Each Art Studio day requires pre-registration and a studio fee for each term.

Class Options

You choose from several Art Studio class options each sesonal term.

Ceramics Studio Coil, pinch, and sculpt clay into fun and useful objects. Fire your works in our kiln. Hand paint and decorate your designs.

Woodworking Shop Learn to safely carve and whittle under the watchful eye of our woodworking master. Construct fun woodcraft projects.

Photography Studio Join our Photography Studio! Tell stories with your camera! Apprentice with expert photographers and explore urban and natural environments.

Blacksmithing Shop Become a metal bender! Learn the old-time craft of blacksmithing. With every clang of hammer on anvil, transform hot iron into tools and art.


Seasonal Terms Each class is 1 day-a-week. You can register for multiple classes. Fall Term is a 13-week session, while Winter & Spring Terms are 10-week sessions.

  • Fall Term September 12, 2022 - December 16, 2022
  • Winter Term January 2, 2023 - March 10, 2023
  • Spring Term March 13, 2023 - May 26, 2023

Daily Schedule Both self-transported students and students registered with Transported After School check into class between 3:15 PM and 3:45 p.m.


Each day of Trackers Art Studio requires pre-registration. Self-Transported registration includes base tuition + studio fee. If you are already registered for Transported After School you simply choose the ADD-ON studio fee for the your class day since are already paying the base tuition. Please Note To register with only the studio fee, you must already registered for Transported After School