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Mentorship Immersion

Our School Year Mentoring program with weekly evening meetups & monthly weekend campouts.

Take your Trackers skills to the next level! Trackers Guides oversee this premier mentorship program. Connect with friends to form your Trackers Team as you train and learn together. Create your own adventure. Collaborate with your Team and expert mentors to develop epic monthly campouts. Trackers Mentorship Immersion fosters self-direction and self-discipline while strengthening powerful outdoor skills.

Mentorship Training Schedule

This program has two parts: weekly evening meetups to train Trackers Elements (skills) and monthly weekend overnights to put your skills to the test in a real-world adventure! Our program runs from September to May with a two-month break over the winter season, during which you can join events with the greater Trackers community.

Wednesday Evening Meetups

Get ready for our monthly campouts by training and collaborating in weekly evening meetups. Strengthen your outdoor and expeditionary skills. Train in essential Trackers Elements (skills) with your team: navigation, expedition planning, essential outdoor skills and even martial arts. With your mentor and Team, create an adventure plan for that month’s upcoming campout.

Monthly Weekend Campouts (Overnight)

Put your skills to the test. Get out in nature for epic monthly campouts. Train and prepare to be outdoors in every season. Explore and learn to be comfortable in different wilderness environments. Set goals with your Trackers Team. Build essential expeditionary experience to live a life of true adventure! Our mission: help you develop the skills necessary to explore the wilderness… and the world!

Experience Goals

Our expert Guides lead action-packed camps filled with hands-on outdoor skills:

  • Connect in weekly evening meetings training martial arts & Trackers skills.
  • Adventure with your Trackers Team and mentors in monthly campouts.
  • Learn the way of the Tracker! Develop incredible awareness and observation skills.
  • Train with the Rangers: Wilderness Survival, Tracking, and Stealth.
  • Tend to the land with the Wilders: Farming, Folk Craft, and Gardening.
  • Forage with the Mariners: Fishing, Water Craft, and Sustainability.
  • Create with the Artisans: Woodworking, Handcraft, and Storytelling.
  • Become invisible! Sneak through the forest playing games of stealth.
  • Build expedition skills: Preparation, Organization, Planning.
  • Learn how to care for expeditionary gear, equipment & vehicles.
  • Connect with new and old friends while exploring and having fun.

Teams - Exceptional & Self-Directed

Our expectations for all participants in this program are high. As a Tracker and a member of a Trackers Team, you must aspire to exceptional progress. In many activities we trust youth to explore and engage in projects in a self-directed manner. With training, teams are given more operational freedom than in a typical camp program. Together, teams participate in cooking, explore on their own, and set group goals. With greater freedom comes greater responsibility. You do this together in a Trackers Team. Your focus is contribution to each other and community.


Overnight Campouts Drop-off for weekend campouts is at our SE Portland Trackers HQ. From there we shuttle to private and wilderness sites for overnight camping. We teach skills for youth to campout through all seasons.

Wednesday Meetups We meet at SE Portland Trackers HQ to spend time in our archery range, train martial arts, and plan for our weekend expeditions.

Our Guides

This program is led by Edan Kahane. Growing up in New York, Israel, Indiana, North Carolina, and Massachusetts, Edan is a born explorer. After earning a master’s degree from the University of Chicago, Edan joined Trackers in 2016. He has worked as a Guide, a founding teacher for our micro Forest School, Bay Area Regional Director, and Portland’s Director of Field Operations. Edan is now the Primary Guide and Manager of Trackers Immersion, leading this program’s high-level mentoring curriculum. He is passionate about sharing his years of experience in tracking, wilderness skills, and innovative educational methods in this premier outdoor experience.

Additional Guides are chosen and trained by Edan and Trackers Founders based on extensive experience in outdoor education and youth mentoring. Every guide is thoroughly vetted and background checked.