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Film Camp

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The Art of Film Making

Join our Trackers film crew. Learn the crafts of costuming, special effects make-up, film and more. Help run the production for the theater of Trackers camps while documenting all the action.

Choose your own adventure! You may make a film about an outbreak of zombies, a quest to save the Realms of Trackers or even a video on how to become an expert archer.

Summer Camps Portland

Each week of Film Camp features a different theme:

Film Camp: Movie Shorts Learn to tell a story in 3 minutes or less. Make a mini-movie throughout the week. Create drama, humor, action and awesome. In this camp kids get the most hands-on camera time.

Film Camp: Blockbuster Go Hollywood, or even Bollywood. Our crew crafts an original story, creating an epic short film that could become the ultimate Blockbuster (or #1 Indie Selection at the Trackers Film Fest).

Film Camp: Documentary Stories are all around us, even if we don’t even think about them. The purpose of this camp is to allow the campers to learn how to make short documentaries and PSAs that tell complete and compelling stories.

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