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Wilderness Survival Camps - Rangers Adventure

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Wilderness Survival & Outdoor Skills

Train the skills of wilderness survival. Find shelter, track animals, learn to safely use a wood carving knife and much more. The best instructors of our Rangers Guild lead action-packed camps with hands-on bushcraft skills. Kids work together in a team, embarking on outdoor adventures and discovering lasting friendships.

Summer Camps Portland

Choose your own adventure with different weekly themes:

Grade 1-5

Grade 1-5 Stealth, Archery & Wilderness Survival Explore the wild lands. Take up a bow. Learn forest craft. Train in epic scenarios of survival, stealth, and archery.

Grade 1-5 Wilderness Survival Adventure Master the most important tool of forest craft: Survival. Learn wilderness skills and more.

Grade 1-5 Fires, Forts & Shelters Build awesome survival shelters. Create fire with many methods. Make your camp and home in the wilderness.

Grade 1-5 Fishing, Foraging & Campfire Cooking Fish and forage throughout the forest while training survival skills. Cook your catch and more, over the campfire.

Grade 1-5 Survivor Games Welcome to the Survivor Games! Train wilderness skills, tracking, and archery. Join your team and others for fun and friendly games of action-packed adventure.

Grade 1-5 It's a Trap: Survival Engineering Build, detect, and disarm all manner of traps. Explore the woodlands to engineer and craft survival tools and shelters. Make safe human traps for fun stealth scenarios.

Grade 6-12

Grade 6-10 Rangers Survival: Stealth & Bow Train in stealth, archery, and wilderness survival. Learn camouflage for invisibility and the ancient skill of archery.

Grade 6-10 Rangers Survival: Trackers Craft Make shelter and lodges from natural materials and create hearths for fires to heat them. Use your knife for woodworking and making other advanced camp craft.

Grade 6-10 Ranger Rescue: Tracking, Search & Survival Develop essential search and rescue skills. Navigate and stay "found" in the wilderness. Train in human tracking and how to care for the survival of others.

Grade 6-10 Rangers Survival: Knife & Axe Master vital tools for forest craft: the axe, knife, and campfire. Make fire without matches and carve advanced woodworking projects. Train in wilderness survival skills.

Grade 6-10 Rangers Recon: Stealth & Evasion Navigate the wilderness with stealth. Track and search for other teams. Learn how to evade anyone trailing you. Train to survive in the shadows of the landscape.

Grade 5-12 Overnight Rangers Camp: Stealth, Archery & Wilderness Survival Make your village at Camp Trackers, in the epic Marmot Valley. Spend your days learning wilderness survival and bushcraft skills with experienced mentors. Spend your nights under the stars and around the village campfire.

Grade 9-12 Overnight Outdoor Leadership: Wilderness Skills Guide Develop the wilderness skills of Forest Craft. Develop leadership skills and learn to teach in the outdoors as you cultivate a deep connection with nature.

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