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My ten-year-old daughter had her first overnight camp experience at Trackers. She came home with songs about milking goats, hand-forged iron, and memories for a lifetime. She loved the wildness of camp and her own sense of self-sufficiency. - Katy Luers, Parent

Join the Camp Trackers Village where we harken back to the golden days of outdoor camping and real wilderness adventure. Every day includes wilderness adventure, caring for the garden and folk craft skills. Each night we gather around the campfire with new friends to share stories.

Campers stay in yurts and cabin tents, help cook camp meals in our wood-fired kitchen, tend to the gardens that grow part of our food and learn each day through activities with the Four Guilds of Trackers:

Rangers Guild Stealth, archery and wilderness survival.
Wilders Guild Wild plants, folk craft and restoration gardening.
Mariners Guild Fishing, water ecology and mariners craft.
Artisans Guild Fine crafts, storytelling and leadership.

Under the safe guidance of Trackers instructors, campers develop skills that contribute to the Village. Rangers train in arts of survival, archery and woodcraft. Wilders tend to our animals on the homestead. Mariners fish for our dinner or tell a tall tale around the campfire. Artisans blacksmith by anvil, forging the tools and story of the Village.

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For a quick reference to our approach to safety, staffing, meals and more, please visit our FAQ Page.

Consecutive Weeks

For campers staying more than one week, we offer Weekend Adventures. With canoes trips to mountain lakes and trips to the Oregon Coast you see the best of the Pacific Northwest. Learn more

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We have scholarship awards available of up to 5%-25% for families in need. Due to limited funds of awards we recommend you apply early to increase your family's chances of acceptance. Submit a scholarship application.

Overnight Camp schedule and sample day

9:30-10am: Parent drop-off for Shuttle Bus
Camp orientation, Move in, Lunch and Guild Activities, Evening Campfire
Breakfast and Cabin Duties, Guild Activities, Lunch and Rest Time, Guild Activities, Dinner, Evening Activities and Campfire
Breakfast and Cabin Duties, Guild Activities, Lunch and Rest Time, Feast, Trade Blanket & Other Evening Activities, Final Campfire Ceremony
Breakfast and Packing, Guild Activities, Lunch, Site Clean Up and Closing Ceremonies
4:30pm: Parent pick-up from Trackers