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Realms of Cascadia: Role-Playing Adventure

Overnight Camp

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We can't thank you all enough for such a magical experience. To be in a beautiful wooded setting for several days, further developing rich imagination, character development, and comradery with adults and kids alike are the perfect ingredients for a royal BLAST for a kid like Ethan! Thanks to everyone for caring enough to give these kids the world for a week!—Elisa, Parent

Our Realm, Our Story

Ever since the Great Remembering, when the magicks took back the land, the Realms of Cascadia found a lasting peace. Now an ancient evil seeks to return. Its forces bringing ruin wherever they march. Its true name long lost, only whispers among fair folk and Mems and battle cries among orcs and trolls belie its mark, "The Empty Stranger returns."

The Call to Action

The four known races of Cascadia must band together to challenge the growing destruction: Human, Elf, Dwarf and Orcs. The Dragons are the fifth great race, yet legend says they are sleeping, having reappeared at the dawn of the Great Remembering and vanishing just as quickly into the cold Eastern Mountains.

Four Ancient Guilds span the races and are known for their mystic mastery of the elements: Rangers (warriors), Wilders (healers), Mariners (pirates and waterwitches) and Artisans (storytellers and wizards).

From far and wide the call goes out to journey to the legendary Marmot Valley. Here all the ancient forces prepare to confront this horrible threat.

Become Your Character

You choose your race and then your Guild. Even before camp you can begin crafting "who" you are. Spend as much or as little time as you wish creating a history and look for your character.

You join your Training House and together your Realm Master sends you on riddles and quests. Some are simply fun, some arduous and a great challenge.

In the Forest of the Dark Winds you will encounter faeries, elementals, dryads, nymphs, talking beasts, Mems and more. Yet they are not all light, nor any of them necessarily good. Beyond a glen, around any corner there may be trolls, orcs and even the undead.

Train in Your Guild

All guilds cross-train in many skills: from blacksmithing to survival, from plant healing to the ever important regaling of your adventures around a campfire of great friends and fine root beer (homemade by the Wilders).

Food and Duties

In this camp our meals are cooked in a grand tradition, over a wood fired kitchen. You and your Training House take part in all aspects and duties of our encampment, helping prepare meals, cleaning and caretaking for the village and land that hosts us.

Summer Camps Portland

Grade 5-12 Realms of Cascadia: Dragon’s Gate (Overnight) Spend the week in Marmot Valley (Camp Trackers) on the edge of the Forest of Dark Winds. Meet new friends, band together in your adventuring party and quest into the wild lands.

Grade 9-12 Realms Leadership: LARP Adventure Guide Take a leadership role in the creating the game. Help craft and guide a legendary live action role-playing adventure for younger wizards and elves (campers).

More Questions

For a quick reference to our approach to safety, staffing, meals and more, please visit our FAQ Page.

Consecutive Weeks

For campers staying more than one week, we offer Weekend Adventures. With canoes trips to mountain lakes and trips to the Oregon Coast you see the best of the Pacific Northwest. Learn more

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We have scholarship awards available of up to 5%-25% for families in need. Due to limited funds of awards we recommend you apply early to increase your family's chances of acceptance. Submit a scholarship application.

Overnight Camp schedule and sample day

9:30-10am: Parent drop-off for Shuttle Bus
Camp orientation, Move in, Lunch and Guild Activities, Evening Campfire
Breakfast and Cabin Duties, Guild Activities, Lunch and Rest Time, Guild Activities, Dinner, Evening Activities and Campfire
Breakfast and Cabin Duties, Guild Activities, Lunch and Rest Time, Feast, Trade Blanket & Other Evening Activities, Final Campfire Ceremony
Breakfast and Packing, Guild Activities, Lunch, Site Clean Up and Closing Ceremonies
4:30pm: Parent pick-up from Trackers