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Welcome to Base Camp!

We start our week at the Trackers Base Camp nestled in the foothills of Mount Hood. Camping in traditional style expedition tents we cook outdoors together, share campfires and sleep under stars. We are the only human inhabitants of this epic forestland of elk, fox and deer.

From Base Camp our Trackers Teams embark on overnight and day excursions across the fantastical landscape of the Pacific Northwest. Under the guidance of our expert outdoor educators and with new friends, you delve deeply into the outdoor leadership skills of your choice. You can focus on rock climbing, kayaking, backpacking or even all three.

Trackers Skills

Develop skills and confidence through outdoor leadership. Embark on a journey through the following skill-sets of Outdoor Education and Guiding:

Outdoor Skills Get hands-on experience with outdoor skills such as kayaking, rock climbing, backpacking and more. Learn about gear care—along with traditional Trackers skills.

Wilderness Safety Learn how to plan and lead your own expeditions in diverse outdoor environments. Develop skills of wilderness safety.

Leadership & Team Skills Through the guidance of professional Outdoor Educators and Mentors, elevate your capacity for leadership in the outdoors and beyond. Use skill building and the wilderness to discover connections within your team. Understand nature as a guide for growth through life, education, and community.

Our guides are experienced educators teaching authentic skills. They are facilitators of thoughtful growth through the power of nature, healthy leadership, and community.

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Choose your Trackers Base Camp Team.

Trackers Basecamp: Hike, Paddle, Climb Experienced educators build outdoors skills through teamwork: paddling kayaks, climbing outdoors, and backpacking epic trails.

Trackers Basecamp: Rock Climbing Explore local natural areas through climbing adventures. During this week expert educators take campers on a journey through the sport and skill of rock climbing.

Trackers Basecamp: Kayaks, Boards & Canoes Get hands-on experience with all our paddling gear. During this camp we use everything from stand-up paddle boards (SUP), canoes, or kayaks.

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Register for Trackers Base Camp

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