Thanksgiving Break Camps & Activities

During Thanksgiving Break send your child to Trackers Earth's award-winning camps.

Our camps offer outdoor fun, adventure, and skills.
Different themes feature wilderness survival, farm life, role-playing stories, archery, or blacksmithing.

To register for Break Camps, please choose among either of the following:

Trackers Outings - Single day, single themed camps. Please note, you may only choose one Single day camp each Break camp week, per licensing requirements. In other words, you cannot register for a Single day Rangers camp on Monday, then register for an Artisans camp on Tuesday of the same week.

Trackers Adventures - These camps are 3 or 4 days, consecutively. When you sign up, the same group of participants will attend for all days of that week.

Choose your camp, choose your adventure. See below for a calendar of Thanksgiving Break Camps.

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Register for Thanksgiving Break Camps & Activities