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Wizards Academy Winter Break Camp

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Winter Break at Wizards Academy

Create your Wizard character and begin your studies by reconnecting with the wild and mystical power of Nature. Learn spells, woodland skills and more.

Each camp has their own quest that connects into the ongoing saga of our magical school. Choose your quests, solve ancient runic riddles, and forge friendships that will last a lifetime.

Winter Break Portland

Choose your own adventure with different daily themes:

Grade 1-3 School of Magic: Solstice Celebration The stories of the village are vanishing; oddly forgotten by its people. On the shortest day and longest Eve, a magical winter flower blooms once a year that can help them Remember their story.

Grade 4-5 Wizards Academy: The Darkest Day It is the longest night of the year, and the Obsidian Order rises. Older students of the Wizards Academy must stop their dark forces to save the Realms of Cascadia.

Grade 1-3 School of Magic: Lost Lake Labyrinth Long ago, there was an enchanted lake protecting an ancient underwater world. Now dry, it is still a gateway to a mysterious labyrinth. Quest for its secrets and find the Key that will restore balance in the Realms.

Grade 4-5 Wizards Academy: Lost Lake Labyrinth The Lost Lake has long vanished, but ancient forces are now arising within its Labyrinth. Our older Wizards move silently, covered by a spell of invisibility, to protect the younger Wizards on a quest for the Key.

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