Zombie Survival Camp

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Zombie Winter Survival

These have been trying times ever since the zombies came. It is your job to protect your village and stop the zombie invasion. Train with elite instructors from the Z-Team of Rangers Guild. Learn essential skills of survival and stealth. Battle zombies. Guide your ragtag band away from the cities of zombie hordes and into the safety of the wilderness.

Zombie Combat Learn to battle zombies with safe foam arrows in live action stealth games.
Wilderness Survival Train outdoor survival so you can guide and protect your village.
Stealth and Invisibility Develop the arts of stealth and evasion in order to evade the zombie hordes.

Winter Break Portland

Choose your own adventure with different daily themes:

Grade 2-5 Zombie Survival: Dead of Winter Winter is coming and the zombies are rising! Train in essential winter survival techniques to escape the oncoming zombie hordes and save the world.

Grade 6-10 Zombie Recon: Stealth & Survival Survive and evade the zombie hordes. Work in teams and train in foam arrow scenarios to protect your village from the undead.

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