Zombie Survival Basics

Join Trackers Earth for our world renowned program that prepares you for the front lines of the zombie apocalypse. It is the ultimate guide to survival from the zombie hordes.

Train everything from wilderness and urban survival, boffer weaponry, stealth and evasion, "stuff MacGyver would do", and proper zombie "disposal". Emphasis is placed on thinking on your feet, increasing your bad ass factor, and both short and long-term decision-making during any apocalyptic event.

Zombie Ranger: Protect Your Clan

The Trackers Rangers Guild teaches you survival skills applicable in both an urban and wilderness setting. They tell you how to get out of town and into the woods as you strive to exodus major population centers.

We cover The Curriculum of Shadows, akin to a martial art, this unique philosophy uses shadows, silence, stealth, and invisibility to help you guide your band of lone survivors through an earth populated by 6 billion creatures ravenous for your squishy brains.