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Ceramics Classes

Learn the ancient art of pottery. Coil and sculpt clay. Craft earth into useful bowls, plates, pots, cups and art. Fire your works in our kiln. Our programs work for all levels. The small class size allows instructors to give individual attention to each student.

Ceramics Basics 1 - Day

Prerequisite: none - Pottery begins with using your hands! Train traditional techniques of forming clay with pinch, coil and slab vessels and learn tip and tricks for sculpture. Learn wedging, handles, texture, surface finishes, and glazing. We use strong functional stoneware clay. Fire your finished projects in our kiln! All tools and materials provided.

Intro to the Pottery Wheel - 4 evenings

Prerequisite: Beginning ceramics - Graduate to the wheel! In this foundational class, learn use both electric and kick wheels. Practice centering, forming shapes, and trimming your pieces. We use strong functional stoneware clay suitable for dishes and everyday use. Fire and glaze your finished pieces in our kiln. All tools and materials provided.

Make a Clay Cooking Pot

Prerequisite: Beginning ceramics - Cook in your own hand-crafted pot. This 2-day workshop guides you through the process of creating a traditional, functional cooking pot using beautiful micaceous clay. Learn the coil and scrape method for making larger vessels. Burnish and polish your project to make a watertight cooking vessel. Finally, wood fire your pot to create a finished vessel suitable for cooking in the oven or on your stove top.