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Fishing & Boating Educator
Portland, OR

Your job? Teach fishing, boating & foraging to staff, students, and kids!

Trackers Earth is a youth organization that inspires kids to navigate real challenges. We believe they can truly contribute, developing the grit and character they need to thrive! Kids learn old-school outdoor skills: wilderness survival, farm craft, wild foraging, fishing, martial arts, boating, and more. All this in immersive camps and programs filled with epic story and adventure.

The Opportunity

Join us! Help change the movement of outdoor education through Fishing, Boating, and Ecology. Share your passion for shoreline and water foraging, boating, and aquatic ecology with youth. This position goes beyond a job—you help create a village. Your role? A Trackers Guide is a mentor to hundreds of students and staff. As a subject matter expert, contribute to and help Fishing, Boating, and Ecology curriculum in serving upwards to 2500 kids a year.

What We Do!

We have served our community and the natural world since 2004. Through this journey we have provided key program scholarships to families in need, conserved hundreds of acres of forest and wildlands, and educated tens of thousands of youth and adults outdoors. Our mission? Help kids build a relationship with nature and give them the essential knowledge, skills, and experiences they need to stand up with us to save the world!

Grow with Trackers

The programs you help build teach leading edge outdoor skills that cultivate competence, capability, and curiosity in the youth we serve. Your efforts guides kids to better contribute to their family, nature, and many generations beyond us. In this critical role, you help our community build our Village both as students and guides. Join a seasoned, dedicated, and expert team to move outdoor education toward its greater potential. Come guide kids to reclaim childhood and their connection to the wild!

Educator Roles

Trackers offers both seasonal and full-time, year-round roles.
Coordinators (seasonal day or overnight options).
Supervisors (year-round, full-time options).

Fishing Educator - Teacher
Fishing Camp

Teach, lead, and mentor during the summer. Guide kids outdoors to teach fishing, boating & foraging. Manage teen and adult staff.

  • Required 1+ years general education experience, 18 years & up.
  • Pay Day Camp $745-$785 per week
  • Pay Overnight $1,175 per week
  • Free camp for 2 children (Grade K-5).
  • 25% off Trackers Earth programs.
  • Flexible training schedule.

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Fishing Educator - Manager

Manage a team of Teaching Coordinators (4-6 teachers) who teach fishing, boating & foraging. Independently operate field logistics while constantly elevating our programs.

  • Required 1+ years Outdoor Education, 1+ years management, 21 years & up.
  • Pay $940 per week
  • Free camp for 2 children (Grade K-5).
  • 25% off Trackers Earth programs.
  • Earliest begin date April 1. Latest begin date June 13th.

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Fishing Educator & Supervisor

Develop and oversee Trackers Earth camp programs that teach fishing, boating & foraging. A year-round, full-time position.

  • Required 2+ years Outdoor Education, 2+ year management, CDL (we help you get this), 21 years & up.
  • Pay $45,760 - $51,140 per year
  • Benefits Medical, PTO
  • Free camp for 2 children (Grade K-5).
  • Starting before May 23.

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Program staff are not assigned to a fixed worksite. You must be able transport yourself to report to any Trackers site in your area. Portland staff for SE, NE, or W Portland. Sandy staff for Roslyn Lake or Camp Trackers.


Portions of training occur online or have required reading, other sections are in-person. Please note, training pays minimum wage, after training the regular pay wage applies.

Flexible Substitute

Can't commit to the entire summer? Choose Flexible Substitute when applying. If hired, we can call you to serve as a Guide Educator based on when, where, and how much you want to work in the summer and beyond.

About Trackers

We help children feel like that group of kids wandering country backyards 50 years ago: independent, tired, muddy, wet, and happy from the woods and wild. Through our many years in education, we are acutely aware of the real hazards of the outdoors. We work to keep kids safe but not encapsulated from, nor phobic of what is wild. We believe children need to develop ever increasing independence, competency, and capacity in nature—not only for their own connection and fulfillment but also to contribute to their families, future generations, and the more-than-human world. We believe it is okay to be thirsty at times, cold at times, and wet at times. This builds empathy and care for the gifts of life, fostering true adventure and genuine accomplishment. We also believe it is critical for children to feel supported and cared for as they explore their passion for service and responsibility. And through a healthy life found in nature connection, they can test their limits and discover the great potential of the often untapped physical grit and emotional resilience they possess.

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