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Fire Making Basics

Fire is one of the most fundamental wilderness survival and forest craft skills. Along with the gift of staying warm, we treat water and cook with its heat, light our nights by its flames, and even use its coals to make tools.

Appreciation of Fire

Wind and wet can challenge us to create fire in wilderness survival conditions. Starting fire and tending to it requires creativity and attention to detail. With the wilderness campfire also comes essential practices of safety and sustainability. Each version of this course offers experience with core principles fire making.

Primitive Starts
Learn to make fire without modern matches or lighter. Use friction and wood to make a coal or flint and steel to strike a spark. Delve into these ancient methods of creating fire.
Art of Fire
Train to make fire in nearly any wilderness conditions. We cover fire safety, primitive methods of starting, gathering wood, building and maintaining fire for campcraft, and hearths to improve fire shelters.

Fire Making Basics

Primitive Starts 6:30 PM - 9 PM

Art of Fire 9 AM - 5 PM