Outdoor Educator Work-Study

This paid work-study program immerses you in Trackers Earth's unique method of teaching outdoors. You become a mentor, helping youth connect to nature in our award-winning Summer Camps and learn in our year-round outdoor programs for adults.

My experience has pushed me and challenged me to grow in new and often frustrating and exhilarating ways. What appealed to me about Trackers versus other programs was the depth and diversity of skills taught to all ages.

Jenni Bradley, Environmental Educator Training Alumni

Teach & Learn

This program consists of two parts. The first part is a fully paid work-study program where you learn and work as an educator in our summer youth camps. Second, if you choose to take your study of outdoor skills further, we offer work-study students significant scholarships to our Training and Intensive programs. Finally, many students may continue to work with us as educators while they take their year-round training program.

Part 1 - Paid employment, Summer Camps We hire you as an educator for our award-winning outdoor summer camps. You earn a full-time, seasonal wage and train with educators experienced in our unique methods of outdoor education. You must be prepared to work up to 11-weeks in the summer camp season.

Training Training happens at your schedule from date of hire up to June 14, 2020.
Program Work Study Dates June 15 - August 28, 2020

Optional Part 2 - Program Scholarship On top of your summer wages, the Outdoor Educator Internship enables you the option of applying what you earn in the summer to attend one of our Training or Intensive year-round study programs with a significant scholarship:

Use of the scholarship is optional and not a requirement of summer employment. Scholarship is only valid for programs starting 6 months after the summer camp work-study experience.

Optional Part 3 - Paid employment, Year-Round Youth Programs Depending on what year-round program you choose, there are opportunities for part-time work-study with our youth programs. This opportunity is a second application process and is based on performance teaching in Summer Camps. It could include teaching in our Apprenticeship, Homeschool, or After School programs.


Do I automatically get the job? What are you looking for? No. This jobs program has an application process just like any job or work-study program. We're looking for people capable and enthusiastic about becoming awesome outdoor educators who serve their community and a greater connection to nature. We also need individuals who are able to represent Trackers in a thoughtful, caring, and compassionate way.

What are the dates required? You must be able to make training and all the summer weeks we schedule you for. While we strive to get offer a full summer of work, there might be occasions where we will not have a week of work available due to fluctuating enrollment numbers.

What are the rate of pay? The rate of pay is Portland minimum hourly wage for assistant positions.

What are the work locations? As a seasonal educator with Trackers camps, you are not assigned to an officially fixed work site. On any given day or work week you may work at any Trackers location, including but not limited to Southeast, Northeast, and West Portland and our overnight location in Sandy, Oregon.

Required Experience, Attributes & Physical Demands

Maintain high professional standards

Punctual and timely for all scheduled shifts
Ability to set and communicate boundaries for youth in a positive way
Ability to think on your feet, be, creative and care for the safety of children even in challenging situations

CPR/First Aid certified (or ability to complete before position begins)

Food handlers certified (or ability to complete before position begins)

State fishing license (if working with programs that fish)

Ability to continuously stand, hike backcountry terrain on and off-trail, bend, squat, climb stairs/hills, lift up to 50 lbs
18 years of age or older for any position EXCEPT Guild internship

Pre-employment checks: criminal background, reference, requirements in MVR Policy, Alcohol/Drug Test for drivers

OPTIONAL Bonus Points Given
For Commercial Drivers License for large school buses. Or if you possess the driving talent so we can help you learn.

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