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Hunter Gatherer Year

Sept - May (3 days a week)

The Hunter Gatherer Year combines wilderness skills and innovative education to re-engage with traditional ways of living. Spend 9-months with expert instructors and a community of students as you forage, hunt, gather, and fish.

Train archery and wilderness survival. Learn to navigate on and live with the land. Forge your own knife, make your own bow, and craft your primitive camping gear. Explore the wilderness through expeditions of Outdoor Leadership and Adventure.


The Hunter Gatherer Year curriculum advances you through seasons of harvest and foraging. Most field days and projects are interdisciplinary and encompass many topics. Studies include:

Hunting & Fishing Focus on harvesting invasive animals for food and to restore the habitat.  Explore a variety of other small game. Learn to butcher, process, and preserve animals of many sizes. Fish and forage the rivers, lakes and coastlines for aquatic life. Craft your own hunting and fishing tools.

Gathering & Foraging Forage for roots, leaves, shoots, fruits. Learn skills of identification and safe harvest of wild foods. Develop a connection through seasonal cycles of growth and restoration. Preserve what you gather for your larder and pantry.

Wilderness Survival Find your shelter, water, fire, and food. Craft with stone, bone, and fiber. Navigate and stay safe in the wilderness. Develop essential safety skills for long-range wilderness travel. Thread this experience through intensive development of Outdoor Safety and Awareness.

Primitive Kit Make the gear you take. Weave baskets, craft fire makers, create stone tools, build a backpack, and preserve hunted and gathered foods for wilderness living. Tan fish skins and animal hides that you sew into clothing. Forge your knife through blacksmithing. Use what you make in a 1-week Survival Trek in the spring.

Tracking & Awareness Learn to read the stories of the forest. Follow herds of elk and the trail of the bobcat. Fit these pieces together towards a deeper understanding of ecology and personal nature connection.

Homestead Collective Your class joins a shared farm plot at our 90-acre campus in Sandy, Oregon. As a community, you raise food for your pantry and the year-ending harvest celebration.

Archery + Bow Making Develop functional field technique for using the bow in a wilderness setting. Improve form and accuracy. Handcraft your own wood bow and stone-point arrows.

Outdoor Leadership Learn educational skills to share what you learn, giving greater value to our study and explorations. Cultivate the most ancient human survival tool—the power of story.

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