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Hunter Gatherer Immersion

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Times and Commitments

September 19, 2017 - May 17, 2018 with breaks Thanksgiving (Nov 21-23, 2017) and Winter (Dec 18, 2017 - Jan 4, 2018)

Field Days & Overnights
Weekly training days every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM. Field days offer hands-on projects and team-based expeditions. The program also has overnight camping and field trips.

Thursday Skills Evenings
You also attend our evening Wilderness Skills Club and our Open Archery Range (every Thursday, Friday, Saturday).

Overnight Camping & Seasonal Expeditions
11-weeks of the program are overnight camping at our forest campus or on traveling expeditions. Expeditions are a huge part of the program and occur throughout the year. Your first week will be an overnight at Camp Trackers, our 90-acre site out in Sandy, Oregon. Our final expedition is a rite of passage, testing your skills and kit in a week-long Wilderness Survival Expedition. Key expeditions include:

  • Tracking at the Oregon Dunes
  • Coastal Foraging along the Oregon Coast
  • Shelter Building at the Bull Run Educational Center
  • Stone Tools in the high desert in Eastern Oregon
  • Two additional trips that vary from year-to-year

Many field days take place at one of our two wilderness locations in Sandy, Oregon: Camp Trackers, 80-acres on the edge of the Bull Run Wilderness and the 91-acre Bull Run Education Center. Other Field days, include excursions to other sites for harvesting and expeditions.

Convenient Shuttle
We offer free shuttle service to all our field sites from our folk craft studio in SE Portland, making the Hunter Gatherer Immersion one of the few wilderness programs where you don’t need to own a car or drive!

Mentors include core educators at Trackers Earth. Through specialized field days and development days, you also get access to the entire community of wilderness skills teachers at Trackers Earth. Guest instructors come in to teach throughout the year.

Housing Options
Portland offers many excellent opportunities for individual or community housing. Upon registration, we connect you with online forums within the Trackers community where you can inquire about potential housing opportunities with fellow students and we encourage students to look for options on sites like Craigslist. Limited on-site housing may be available. 

Visit our weekend Wilderness Survival Immersion. Contact Us for an appointment.

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