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Trackers After School

Portland, Oregon

Join Trackers Earth for adventures after school. Options include outdoor skills, archery martial arts and blacksmithing.

After School Skills

You drop-off for specialty courses: archery, blacksmithing, ceramics, woodworking & martial arts.

Art of Nature

Sept-June, Options every day

Grade K -1 After School for our youngest students. Drop your child off for afternoons of nature arts and crafts.

Archery After School

Sept-June, Tuesdays

Grade 2-10 Train archery at one of the largest indoor ranges in SE Portland. Learn with experienced instructors.

Blacksmith After School

Sept-June, Tuesdays or Wednesdays

Grade 5-10 Apprentice with experts. Blacksmith by the forge 1-day a week. Learn the craft of metal bending.

Martial Arts After School

Sept-June, Tuesdays

Grade 1-4 Movement & fitness after school. With a Trackers focus. Train animal martial arts and self-defense.

Ceramics After School

Sept-June, Tuesdays

Grade 5-10 Learn the ancient art of pottery with expert instructors. Coil and sculpt clay. Fire your works in our kiln.



Grade 5-10 Learn the craft of woodworking from expert instructors through hands-on projects.

School Pick-Up

Pick up from Abernethy, Richmond, Woodstock, Le Monde, Duniway, Opal, Buckman, International, Renaissance, Llewellyn.

Transported After School

Sept-June, Options every day

We pick-up from your school for afternoons of outdoor adventure. You pick up at our SE Portland location.