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Wilders Garden: Farm & Folk Craft

Overnight Camp

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A Wilder Garden

Welcome to the Wilders Guild and our village of Camp Trackers. Here you find a land of vegetable gardens, wild plants of the forest, mud-stomping wetlands, free-range animals and campfire cooking.

Our experienced Wilders Instructors mentor you in homestead living while gathering wild and home-grown foods to transform into delicious meals in our wood fired ovens.

Skills to Live By

At this camp we create a community of new and old friends while caring for the real needs of the Village. We also learn about restoration and tending to all the wild creatures of the forest, from bees to bobcats, from song birds to deer. All this, plus help cultivate healthy gardens and build natural forest dwellings. Activities during your week could include...

Animal Care Tend to and milk goats, feed chickens and shepherd sheep, build fences to graze the herd, hunt for and gather eggs, make chicken tractors and more.

Gardening Plant seeds and starts, harvest from the garden, build trellises for pumpkin to climb sky high, tend and harvest to a medicinal plant patch, plant to save the all important pollinators and more.

Wild Plants Learn the safety of wild edibles plant harvest, gather roots for root beer and leaves for wild teas, weave baskets form vines, make medicinal tinctures and salves, gather and eat berries and more.

Outdoor Cooking Make cheese, crackers, breads, dutch oven desserts and more in our wood fired kitchen. Learn to tend all kinds of cooking fires from cobb ovens and cowboy campfires.

Homestead Crafts Preserve fruits and veggies from the garden, spin wool from our sheep into useful things, knit and crochet, weave belts and bags, craft leather work and more.

Summer Camps 2017 Portland

Grade 5-12 Wilders Garden: Farm & Folk Craft (Overnight) For one week, join the Wilders Guild at the Camp Trackers Village. Help tend to our land of vegetable gardens, mud-stomping wetlands and homestead animals. Forage for wild plants, preserve fresh foods and cook over the campfire.

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For a quick reference to our approach to safety, staffing, meals and more, please visit our FAQ Page.

Consecutive Weeks

For campers staying more than one week, we offer Weekend Adventures. With canoes trips to mountain lakes and trips to the Oregon Coast you see the best of the Pacific Northwest. Learn more

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We have scholarship awards available of up to 5%-25% for families in need. Due to limited funds of awards we recommend you apply early to increase your family's chances of acceptance. Submit a scholarship application.

Overnight Camp schedule and sample day

12:30pm-1:00pm: Parent drop-off for Shuttle Bus* at 4617 SE Milwaukie Ave, Portland OR
3pm: Shuttle Bus arrives
Afternoon Camp orientation, move in, evening dinner, first campfire
Monday-Wednesday & Thursday
Breakfast and Cabin Duties, Guild Activities, Lunch and Down Time, Guild Activities, Dinner and Campfire
Breakfast and Cabin Duties, Guild Activities, Lunch and Cabin Duties, Feast Preparation, Feast, Final Campfire Ceremony
Morning camp games, camp clean-up and pack.
Afternoon lunch, closing ceremony.
2pm -2:30pm: Parent pick-up from Trackers HQ 4617 SE Milwaukie Avenue, Portland, Oregon.